She Hangs Christmas Lights Behind Her Bed. When The Camera Pans Out? Incredible!

If you are in a mood of making some home refreshments then maybe you will love this lovely DIY idea to spruce up your bedroom. We are sharing with you one super creative idea and creative solution to turning a blank wall space into a fun.
In the video below you can see how to Make A Lovely DIY Light-Up Headboard On A Budget.
Nastazsa makes one to fit behind her full-size bed, but you can fit one behind a bed of any size — simply match a curtain rod to the proper length. This project is simple to achieve, and can be completed on a tight budget.


You will need just a few things like:
Curtain rod to fit the length of space desired
Mini Christmas lights (She uses two boxes of 300 lights each)
Damage-free plastic hooks (She uses a full 18 pack)
Curtains (She uses white Teresia curtains from IKEA)
Watch the process of making below and see the amazing and creative result. Enjoy!


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