He Connects A $2 Pool Noodle To His Bathroom Sink. The Result Is Incredibly Genius!

Pool noodles – those tiny sponge things can be very useful around your home. They are perfect fort for keeping kids afloat, helping us during our water aerobics and for just having some fun in the sun but also they are much have for some home hacks.
The popular youtube channel – Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates 13 pool noodle hacks that are absolutely smart and so useful. Pool noodles are very cheap and these hacks will teach you how to organize and maintenance your home on a budget.
Some o the hacks are: Fill a bucket, Line a kiddie pool, Protect your toes, Create a bathroom bumper, Protect your boots, Make a comfy pet bed, and so on.

pool noodle

You will definitely find something useful in the video below. Watch and enjoy!


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