She Lays A Giant Leaf On Sand! After 48 Hours She Flips It Over And The Results Is Brilliantly Genius!

At this spring season the most amazing is sitting at the back hard and enjoying in the water and all that flowers and trees around. If you want to make some clever DIY project that will impress you than maybe you should see the idea presented in the video below. This is creative leaf technique that really amazed me.
Using this leaf casting technique, you’ll learn how to take a prize-winning leaf, set it in sand and produce a replica of any plant — especially those we’ve grown ourselves!

For this DIY project, you can use the leaf of your choosing, but you want to take into consideration the size and vein definition also you will need a bag of sand and a bag of pre-mixed concrete, water and plastic wrap. For the final result you will need to wait a bit more exactly 48 hours but it is really brilliant and worth. Take a look at the video below and see the instruction. Enjoy!


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