She Melts some Old Peppermints And Forms Them Around The Bowl. The Result? Adorable Craft

The holidays are right here in the corner and if you still want to improve your decoration at home and if you want to create something unique fast and adorable that this is the right article for you. This could be the best and the most awesome Christmas DIY project for this year. When you will see the result you will want to make this immediately.
Can you imagine that you can make something our of candy? Yes you read correct we write candy and that is the basic ingredient that you need for this is candy i.e peppermint kandy. See Below how you can add a cute touch to any table when creating decorative bowl from kandy.

For this amazing decorative bowl you will need:
Peppermint candies
Parchment or wax paper
Baking pan
A heat-resistant bowl (we used a small glass one)
Pot holder

Look at the video below and see the fill instruction. So easy and so lovely. Enjoybrighten-your-holiday-table-with-these-adorable-peppermint-candy-bowls_1via littlethings

There is another creative DIY project with peppermints that i really like it and i suggest you to see this video below. Check how to create DIY Peppermint Shot Glasses

 via The Watering Mouth

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