Snow Boots Vs Winter Boots

Choosing the correct pair of boots for the winter season is a challenge that many of us are forced to face, especially those of us with the misfortune of living in a cold weather climate. There are different types and styles, and while you can get both snow boots and winter boots on a budget when you use an appropriate Kohl’s coupons found at, it is important to make the right choice also on the basis of other factors than the price.

Snow boots are certainly not the same as winter boots, regardless of what you may have been told previously. They are both designed with the objective of keeping your tootsies warm and toasty, but the first ones are often crafted with additional features in mind.

For example, while snow boots are obviously crafted with the idea that you will be crunching through the snow as you wear them, they are also designed to be worn in the wetter, slushier conditions of mid to late winter. They should be worn on the coldest, wettest days of the season, with no questions asked.


They are much heavier than winter boots and those who will be spending large amounts of time in the snow are urged to purchase those. Winter boots are made for the consumer who has warmth in mind, but will not be spending as much of their time in the muck and mire that winter often provides.


It is also important to remember that winter boots are designed to be more fashionable than snow boots. The second are more about functionality than fashion and they are worn to protect feet from the elements. While a winter boot is still warm, they do not offer the wearer the same level of protection.

Before purchasing a snow boot, be sure to check the manufacturer labels. They provide you with temperature ratings, as well as specific warnings about their ability to hold up to extreme weather conditions. They should extend above your pants’ hem and above the ankle, to keep snow from getting onto your socks.

Winter boots can be constructed from a variety of materials. Meanwhile, a snow boot is built from nylon or leather. The seams are also sealed and taped for your protection. What’s more, they are created with a drawstring enclosure, designed to keep all excess snow and moisture away from your feet. The soles are made of rubber, which makes the boots much easier to clean.

If you are someone who is seeking increased protection from the elements this winter season, snow boots are the choice for you. Winter boots can be worn on occasion, but they are not typically designed to handle heavy duty winter conditions. A snow boot provides the shield that you need between your feet and the outdoors!

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