Spectacular Cleaning Tip How To Wash And Whiten Yellowed Pillows Easier

The pillows that became yellow after some time is a pretty common problem for all of us. One of the main reasons that colored our pillows is sweat. Even when you’re sleeping your body continues to sweat to keep your body at a comfortable temperature. Depending on the type of fabric your pillowcase is made from, sweat can seep through the fabric. When the sweat got dry than leaves the yellow stain on your pillow no mather if you use a pillow cover.
So washing your pillow is an important need for all. There is an absolutely amazing trick how you can wash your yellow pillow and how to white them too.


For making the process complete and much much easier you will need some ingredients:
– HOT HOT water
– 1 cup of laundry detergent
– 1 cup powdered dishwasher detergent
– 1 cup bleach
– 1/2 cup borax


Fill the washing machine about 1/3 full with HOT water than add all the ingredients then start the machine and allow it to agitate for a few minutes
washing pillows. Once the detergent is dissolved, add your pillow(s), and then allow the washer to fill the rest of the way with HOT water. Enjoy

3 4Tutorial via onegoodthingbyjillee.com

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9 years ago

I tried to pin this to my account but was ‘told’ that it’s blocked because of spam concerns. If your site continues to have useful content like this, chances are other people will want to pin them too so please fix it.

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