Super Creative: This Boeing 777 Entirely Made Of Manila Folders Will Amaze You

Dear friends i have never seen this kind of art before and this is really breathtaking. Meet Luca Iaconi-Stewart, the designer i.e the World’s Best Paper Airplane Maker. He has started one super creative project 8 years ago and what he creates is stunning. A Boeing 777 made entirely of manila folders for over 8 years and he is still working on it to this day.
With help of adobe illustrator he printed the detailed schemata on manila folders and than he used X-Acto knife and glue to create all the parts.

Very patiently done and absolutely with the all details that this kind of plane could have just almost like in the reality.

Watch the video below and enjoy in this unique art.




Here is the video to see more detailed how the job was done


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