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Cartoon Photographs Of Love

We all grew up watching cartoons and first saw a kiss there. We learned about love by watching the Tramp chasing after the Lady, the Beauty being patient with the Beast, Clark saving Lois, or Jane helping Tarzan, because that is all love is about. It is very important for children to see how pure love looks like, not in …

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Selfies Gone Wrong

The good old days, when we were taking pictures of each other are long forgotten. The magic of selfies has taken over the world and it seems like it is here to stay. So, it is not a bad idea, especially if you are not a great selfies fan, to start practicing taking the perfect selfies. After all, you will …

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Amazin Drawings: Turning Real Persons Into Cartoons’ Characters

Many times we have talked about how we are amazed by the artwork of talented young artists. So it is case this time again. We are supporters of the artistic expressions, sot that’s why we are often publishing the work of the artist we thing that are interesting. So, young and talented artist from the United Nations draws many everyday …

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Don’t Waste Shooting Time, Let Lightroom Create The Best Images

Dear friends becoming a photographer in not only to buy a good camera and start shooting whenever you want. In my opinion this is not so easy profession and it need effort and knowledge much more that we think. We must learn from the very core of photography history about how to develop our own personal style by taking lessons …

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16 Funny Cats That Resemble Other Things

I love cats they are so lovely animals and always melt my heart. They love to play around your home and sometimes they can make a completely mess but still are lovely and cute animals that always make my day. Could you image that the cats can be hilariously funny and they can resemble other things? Below we are sharing …

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16 Photos That Prove How Smartphones Are Taking Over Our Lives

Can you imagine where we would we be without smartphones? I’m sure that smartphones has easily taken our lives. Just for your information statistically we look at our phones 150 times in one day and that is approximately every 6.5 minutes. We use our smartphones for everything. From the business aims until the fun here are the smartphones nowadays our …

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