Tasty Lunch Options for the Whole Family

When it’s time to choose lunch options near me, you want to make sure it’s a place that satisfies everyone in the family. If one member of your crew cannot find something to love, then the entire trip can be a bust. Life’s too short to mess around with a bad lunch experience. By heading to a pizzaria that has satisfied customers since 1984, you know everyone will be smiling as they enjoy their favorite menu items. A large choice of pizzas that come with never-frozen dough, real cheeses and meats, and fresh vegetables such as roma tomatoes, peppers, onions and mushrooms is just the beginning. Even your most selective eater can customize a pizza that has only the items he or she wants to devour. When you add Papadias and breadsticks to a large menu, it’s easy to please your entire family. No one will feel left out and no one will be sulking in the corner.

family lunch options

Why Papa John’s Is an Excellent Choice of Restaurant When Picking a Pizzaria

Quality ingredients make a superior pizza, and that’s what this franchise has been doing for over 35 years. It all begins with a philosophy of making the best possible pizza. Here’s what you will find at a pizza place that cares about its customers:

  • A large choice of menu items
  • Quality ingredients
  • Fast and safe delivery options
  • Real meats and cheeses
  • Custom choices
  • Gluten-free crust options

A great choice for the whole family means a sensitivity to the preferences of everyone, including options for those with allergies. When searching for restaurants near me, it’s nice not to have to travel too far. You can always find a franchise nearby that adheres to the highest standards. You know you will get a good meal at a low price that pleases the whole group.

Pick These Two Lunch Options for a Well Deserved Treat

With a large menu of exciting pizzas, Papadias, breadsticks, chicken wings and more, it can be hard to decide. To get you started, here are two choices that are first-class when it comes to pelasing customers. The garden fresh pizza offers an explosion of vegetables for someone who is not in the mood for any meat that day. Plus, it comes with real cheese that is melted to perfection over the toppings, sauce and dough. You can always choose the dough to go with this option, from hand-tossed original dough to fresh pan dough to thin and gluten-free crust dough. A second great menu option is the grilled buffalo chicken Papadia. It’s like a pizza in sandwich form, with two slices of dough enclosing all of the fillings that come with this adventurous choice.

When ordering, always be on the look out for pizza delivery specials. It’s the best way to make your money go further. Pizza and Papadias are definitely a bargain, but with a long list of ways to save you can afford to treat the whole family and maybe even a friend or two. When you sign up for Papa Rewards, you can even earn enough points to get free pizza. Order your favorites today and save big.

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