The Best DIY Lamp And Chandelier Tutorials You Will Definitely Enjoy

Are you a DIY projects lover? Do you enjoy making things on your own? Do you also enjoy using recycled items and transform them in some objects you can use once again in life? Recycling saves the environment, but saves you some money too. Instead of buying some items, you can make them on your own by using some supplies you thought you will never use again and you were planning to throw away. It is always good idea if you can DIY items that will be really helpful to you. In this post we are presenting you one interesting idea of what you can do with some old items you have at home and many different ways of realization of the idea. We are speaking about DIY lamps or chandeliers.

In the gallery below you will find some inspiring DIY tutorials to follow if you want to make your own lightening objects using supplies you never believed can be used again. These amazing DIY tutorials will show you how to make your own desk lamp using nothing less but a simple book. Or, paper orbs. Or, whatever comes into your mind first when you think about DIY lamp or chandelier. Insert a personal touch to your home décor by making any of the lamps in the gallery we have selected for you. We are sure you will enjoy these lamps that will literally lighten up your day.

1. DIY  book lampshade

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2. DIY bamboo orb pendant lamp

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3. Paper Orb Lights


4. Paper Starburst Pendant Light


5. Pop Top Lampshade



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