The Fastest Train In Japan Breaks The Record From 500 km/h With Passengers

Japan has now put 100 passengers on a Maglev Train and reaches over 500 km/h. That’s well over twice as fast as the fastest U.S. train can manage, and that only manages 240 kph on small sections of its route. The Japanese Shinkansen is now running over 7 times times as fast as the average U.S. express passenger train. 500 kph is moving towards the average speed of an airliner. Add the convenience of no boarding issues, and city-centre to city-centre travel, and the case for trains as mass-transport begins to look stronger.
The first trial run operated between the cities of Uenohara and Fuefuki in the Yamanashi Prefecture that is distance long 42.8 km. Just for remembering you the train uses a technology, which is an abbreviated name for magnetic levitation, works by actually floating a train a short distance off its tracks and powering it forward using magnetic fields, rather than wheels, axels and bearings.This means the trains are unaffected by weather, such as heavy rain on the tracks, and they’re also smoother and often quieter than the trains we’re used to now. Check below in the video the power of this maginificent technology in the fastest train. Enjoy!

Is the future transport on way to come out and make our life more easier?


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