This Amazingly Creative Miniature Calendar Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Tatsuya Tanaka, art director and photographer created the Miniature Calendar as a way to craft scenes for his diorama dolls. Using his creativity he interacted with everyday objects that he finds around his house to create dramatic and often humorous scenes. He uses common household items and food and his creatures are really stunning and breathtaking you must see them. So original and so creative. I love them all. Take a look below and enjoy!

eg 1 source

eg 2  source

eg 7  source

eg 8  source

eg 9  source

eg 10  source

eg 11  source

eg 16  source

eg 17  source

eg 18  source

eg 19  source

eg 20  source

eg 21  source

eg 22  source

eg 23  source

eg 24  source

eg 25  source

eg 26  source

eg 27  source




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