14 Funniest Unconventional Ways To Tell The World That You’re Having A Baby

The ways to announce that you are having a baby could be simple as calling everyone you knew on the phone or maybe on a different creative and unusual way that everyone will be surprised.
There are a lot of creative people around the world that that has a unique ways to tell tat the are pregnant and we want to share with you a few of this stunning ways with you. Look below and enjoy!

1. with fruit

ek 1 source

2.If your last name is Reese that use this cool way

ek 2 source

3. Start getting rid of your stuff

ek 4 source

4.Get the pets involved

ek 5 source

5.Bring your caffeine addiction into it

ek 6 source

6.pregnancy announcements

ek 7 source

7. finally stopped drinking…i’m pregnant

ek 8 source

8.New Baby on the Way

ek 10 source

9.Or your cravings

ek 11 source

10.Pregnancy Announcement

ek 12 source

11.Tell everyone there’s going to be another player in the game

ek 13 source

12.Spill the beans!

ek 14 source

13. Hopefully their friends and family can do math…


14. In the end, there’s no “wrong” way to announce your pregnancy to the world


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