12 Helpful DIY Survival Kits For All The Worst-Case Scenarios

Hey everyone we want to share with you a super useful collection of helpful DIY survival kits that will help you in every unexpected “situation”. In our opinion these are the necessary kits that everyone of us must have it. Camping kit, car kit, winter kit are just a part of this collection that will make your life easier. They are cheap but very very useful in every situation not only in case of emergency. Take a look below and enjoy!

1. College kit that will help you brave the germ-filled shitshow that is campus life


Items include:
-Gas-X and Pepto
-Cold medicine
-Ice pack
-Antibiotic ointment    via  onehundreddollarsamonth.com

2. Bathroom first aid kit that’ll make you seem responsible and prepared

2Items include:
-Hydrogen peroxide
-Antiseptic wipes  via  momadvice.com


3. Car safety kit that you need in case of an emergency


Items include:
-Bungee cords
-First aid essentials
-Car games    via  popsugar.com

 4. Heavy-duty version for when winter is coming

4Items include:
-Non-clumping kitty litter (for when tires meet ice)
-Heated emergency blanket
-Hand warmers
-Fix-a-Flat kit      via  hoosierhomemade.com 

5. Teeny-tiny kit to keep with you always…just in case

5Items include:
-SPF Chapstick
-Pills    via  chasinggreen.org

6. First aid beach bag will prepare you for everything but the sharks

6Items include:
-Aloe vera gel
-Extra water bottle
-Dramamine for boat or car sickness
-Baby powder (to get that tricky sand off your skin)    via hellonatural.co

7. Camping kit that will calm down even the leastoutdoorsy people on the trip

7Items include:
-Duct tape
-Wet Wipes
-Dish soap
-Fly swatter
-SPF Chapstick    via   thebensonstreet.com

8. Simple kit is best if you’re only going for a day hike

8Items include:
-Gauze and bandagas
-Swiss Army knife
-Moleskin patches for blisters   via foodstoragemoms.com

9. Travel-proof kit that will save a trip to the drugstore during your trip

9Items include:
-Personal prescription meds
-Cold medicine (day and night)
-Anti-itch creams
-Stool softener for when traveling royally screws up your stomach.    via cestchristine.com

10. Baby first aid kit with the essentials

10Items include:
-Gentle antiseptic skin cleanser
-Baby aspirin
-Infant thermometer
-Nasal aspirator   via pinterest.com

11. Pet emergency kit, because they’re basically your children, too

11Items include:
-Tick and flea combs
-Spare collar
-Splint-making supplies   via ammothedachshund.com

12. Emergency kit to help the bride stay chill AF on her wedding day

12Items include:
-Safety pins
-Mini sewing kit
-Hair spray
-Stain remover
-Pressed powder   via  kissmytulle.com    via  buzzfeed.com

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