These 12 Photos of Earth’s Devastation Will Break Your Heart

It is a fact that the people are exploiting the planet and nature mucc much more than we need for a live. Every second nature is a victim of the humans wish for profit and for developing.
The things that humans have done to the Earth are terrifying, and impact our future and the future of our children. If we don’t change our behavior, and soon, then we could be in even bigger trouble. We must be aware of the things that we are making now and the impact in the future. Maybe this photos below will terrify you but it is good to know what will happen if we still continue with the same.

1. The Mir Mine in Russia.

as 1 source

2.A factory in a forest

as 2 source

3.Thousands of dead pigs found in the Shanghai River

as 3 source

4.Dead fish floating in a polluted river

as 4 source

5.Workers clean up floating garbage on the Yangtze River

as 5


6.A photo of the water pollution in China

as 6 source

7.A child drinks from a polluted stream in China

as 7


8.People in China look at a polluted river

as 8 source

9.California’s Lake Shasta at a record low

as 9 source

10.The main source of water for Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia, with 14 million people

as 10 source

11.A seal, trapped in plastic.

as 12 source

12.This tortoise got stuck in plastic, forcing it’s body to grow around it

as 13 source

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