These Social Experiment Proves How Easy Is To Pick Up Teenage GIrls Using Social Media

This social experiment meets the worst nightmares of the parents. Coby Persin posted a video on YouTube in which shows the dangers lurking the kids on social networks and how easily they can be placed in a unpredictable situation with their trust to strangers.
In the video, with the permission of their parents, he enticed several teenage girls making the fake Facebook profile of a 15-year-old boy. After adding a fake profile pictures, he starts a conversation with three underage girls, exchanging views about 3 to 4 days. During that time he succeed to take the trust from the girls and they accept his offer to meet in the park, or invite him at home or entering in his car.
As you might imagine, parents at first did not believe that their child would do such stupidity, but then they are shocked when in front of their eyes see how easy was an unknown person to get in touch with their child and fraud them.
This video is a warning to all children and parents about the dangers that lurk social networks.

Coby Persin

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