This Dad Has Totally Changed The Balloon Game On A Genius Way

The summer is coming and with this wonderful sunny days also comes the outside games. There are a lot of fun things that you can make it with your kids outside but we noticed something truly amazing and we are so happy to share it with you.

We are sure that your kids enjoy in the water balloon game but there are a lot of hard things in this game that takes a lot of your time. But we are so happy to tell you that one genius father has wonderful solution for that. Thanks to Josh Malone, father of eight, water balloon fights have been completely revolutionized. No more attempting to secure your balloons to the hose, trying to expertly remove them, then struggling to tie them. Now, in one minute, you can easily make 100 water balloons! Using Bunch O Balloons looks pretty simple and now on the easiest way you will have incredibly fun with your kids.
The most interesting thing here is that you should know is that all this has started as one project in kickstarter and for fast time it become very very popular around the net. Take a look below this awesome project and enjoy!






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