This Girl Takes The Riskiest Selfies Ever, The Photos Will Make You Dizzy

First of all i must tell DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.
And now i want to explain a bit more about this adventure on the Russian photographer named Angela Nikolau. Actually she takes the most dangerous selfies ever. She is in a continuous look for adventure and always she take selfies or ask someone to take a picture. Every picture is very very beautiful but on the other site it is scary for me. Watch below and enjoy!

zc 1  source

zc 2  source

zc 3  source

zc 4  source

zc 5  source

zc 6  source zc 7  source zc 8  source zc 9  source zc 10  source zc 11  source zc 12  source zc 13  source

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