Life Hacks Why I Didn’t Think Of That – 9 Super Useful Tips

Is seems like our daily struggle can never stop. So there is always something hard to be solved and there is always something that can ruin your peace. In the daily routine at our home there are many useful tips around that can help us, that can save us some time and that can same our nerves.
But these life hacks below are really why i didn’t think of that. These are super smart and super useful. Take a look below and enjoy!

1.DIY Frozen Water Balloons as Drink Cooler and other hacks from A Subtle Revelry.

zb 1 source

2.Measuring with What’s at Hand

zb 2 source

3.Moms Emergency Box when on the Go

zb 3 source

4.Put a marshmallow in the bottom of ice cream cones before filling them. The marshmallow stops ice cream from dripping out the bottom of the cone – and you get an extra little frozen treat at the bottom

zb 4 source

5.Cut ice cream with knife for parties

zb 5 source

6.Put a stocking over the end of a vacuum attachment when you’ve dropped small items on the floor.

zb 6 source

7.Keep a lint roller handy for picking up spills of micro beads and other small items. Scrape them into a bowl and place them back into their original container.

zb 7 source

8.For a “Travel Snack Kit” raid the kitchen and assemble this food kit before your next trip. Use the items in this box to turn a simple snack into entertaining fun.

zb 8 source

9.Closet Helper

zb 9 source

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