Ingenius Idea To Fix A Broken Zipper

Dear friend this struggle with the zipper that won’t close is common for everyone of us. The zipper really is an amazing invention when you think about it, and its mechanics have pretty much stayed the same. It is used in so many things and it is very helpful in our life. Even it seems so simple how it works from always has been hard to repair it when it gets broken. This struggle has become more often in my daily routine so that i have tried to find some solution and what i found on YouTube is pretty genius and very useful.

Zippers complement many of our favorite fashion pieces, from those reliable jeans to those comfortable winter jackets. The versatile zippers are also found on boots, handbags and travel bags. Although small, zippers cause a big headache if they get stuck or burst. Fortunately, some simple solutions can fix a broken zipper without the cost of a tailor or replacement item. If the zipper on your clothes, shoes or bag fails, you have three options – throw it away, wear it to someone to replace it and or take the thing in your hands and fix it. This short video has been viewed so many times, and for good reason. In it, you will see exactly what you need to do to fix a zipper that no longer works properly, or does not want to close.

Optional Ways To Fix A Broken Zipper

Anyway, there are also several optional ways to do that on your own. Try using pliers to fix zippers that unbutton or detach. If you can fix the slider, which is attached to the top plate, it could give your zipper a second chance at life. Press the pliers on the slider plate to tighten it back around the zipper. With caution and a little luck, you can restart it at no extra cost. Vaseline works wonders on chapped lips, and the same can be said for glued zippers. Vaseline is very smooth and will lubricate even the most stubborn devices. Insert a cotton swab into Vaseline, then massage it into the affected part of the zipper. This could release anything that gets in the way of the zipper. In addition, the jelly should be rinsed immediately from the zipper without staining your item like a greasy substance.



UCAN Zippers USA posted a YouTube video showing us this incredibly simple money-saving trick to fix your broken zipper. Watch below and enjoy. Feel free to share it with your friends to make their life easier.

UCAN Zippers USA

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