This Machine Will Iron and Fold Your Laundry In Less Than A Minute

With ideal size that is compatible to place anywhere this invention can do a perfect job for you it can fold your clothes, all you have to do is attach clothes, no matter what type they are.
So if folding and ironing clothes is annoying for you this it what you need.

Company of San Francisco developed a machine that can do all this job automatically. With the help of a transport belt, several robotic arms and strip, your clothes will be folded in less than minute.


“Foldmate” as they call it is a device that can fold your clothes like a real expert. This machine assesses the size, material thickness and whether it is long or short sleeves herself and adapted the way of folding. And not only folds but also iron your clothes. Definitely everything one family needs. This can save you a lot of time. 2source

it isn’t available for pre-order until 2017, but still you know that there is a solution for the folding problem


Watch the video below and see how it works

FoldiMate, Inc.

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