This Man Has Saved His Pennies Since The 70s, But You Won’t Believe What The Bank Tells Him

Are you a collector? Cards, pictures, dolls…whatever? Do you consider yourself a passionate collector of something? You can share it with us but now we want to share with you this man’s story by who we are completely stunned. But what is he collecting?

Otha Ander who is 73 years old has been dedicated to penny collecting for decades. He says he had never let anyone not even from his family to waste a single penny of his. For 40 years he has collected every single penny he has come across. What this story can teach us is to be grateful as Ander says like when he sees a penny on the ground he says a prayer out of gratefulness.


You are probably curious what happened after all these years. Well Ander finally decided to cash them in, check out  and see by yourself.

Meet Otha,


Since the early 70s he’s been saving pennies in containers like this.

23 24

He was very particular about which pennies he added to his collection…

He never took pennies as gifts he only took what he found at random…


“If I would see a penny, it would be a reminder to stop right there and say a prayer,


After a gruelling 5 hours at the bank counting his pennies, he finally

exchanged $5,136 worth of pennies for cash.


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