This Man Melts Over 250 Crayons In The Oven. What He Makes Is Really Neat

Have you expressed your imagination with crayons while you was a kid. I have spent hours coloring whole i was a kid. I love this game and it is really a good way to express the imagination for every kid.
But did you really mean that crayons are only for kids and only for artists? I know that you maybe still use crayons together with your kids and also there are some pretty cool DIYs out there that use crayons in ways you would have never expected.

Untitled But while watching all these projects and ideas we have found something special and we like to share it with you. This creative man melted about 256 crayons and took the colorful mixture to his workshop. When the crayons had cooled and hardened, Peter got to work, shaping the block into a colorful vase. You would need some knowledge of tools to make this project on your own, but if nothing else, this video is mesmerizing to watch. It’s not every day that you get to see 256 crayons shaped by construction tools. Enjoy

Peter Brown

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