This Mom Attaches Zip Ties To The Front Wheel Of Her Stroller. The Reason Why? So Clever!

We leave in the modern world and nowadays the strollers for transporting your kids are pretty awesome instead of the past time when they used to be so simple and you just put your baby in it with a simple bottle and blanket and that was it you were on your way.

But you know nowadays babies have all kinds of accessories, toys, designer bottles, diapers, snacks, outfits, hats, gloves, special blankets, binkies, along with many other gadgets. The strollers has been upgraded with almost everything, we said “almost” just because there are struggle using them too and every parent would recognize it in the video below. That is why we want to share with you a few ingenious hacks.


This video below reveals these basics which will maximize your strolling around experience and keep your baby safe!

via WhatsUpMoms

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