This Simple Genius Trick Magically Removes Dents From Wood

We all love to have the best furniture and to be always shiny but sometimes it could happen to damage some furniture pieces for many reasons. Usually if you are moving some furniture often it could lead to make dents on it.
Always when i saw dents on the wood i was completely sure that removing it is impossible. But you know with the era of internet everything is shared and everything is available.


We are happy to share with you one incredibly magical trick that will help you to remove dents from wood easily.
Take a look and enjoy!

You’ll need the following:
An iron
Paper towel.


Step one: Steam the wood

– Put a dab of water on the affected area. Not too much. Just enough to cover the dent


Cover it with your paper towel/rag. At this point, the water will wick through the material. That’s fine.


Now, with your iron on its highest setting, hold it over the affected area and make small movements back and forth and in circles. Press down firmly and continue until your paper towel is dry. It won’t take long to evaporate.


the wood fibers are absorbing the water and should expand back to where they were originally. 17source

Continue this process and repeat by adding more water until the dents rise up to be flush with the rest of the material.

Next step: Sand smooth


At this point, the area around your dents should be pretty smooth. However, depending on the damage, you may still see an outline from where it was.
Use some sandpaper to go over the area lightly. It won’t take much and you’ll be able to get your piece back to looking like nothing ever happened to it!

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