This Unusual Evil Alarm Clock Runs Away From You To Ensure You Get Up

Hey dear friends do you have a problem like with getting up at the morning and do you always like to sleep 5 minute more. I like those 5 minutes and they are probably the cutest ever. If you still have troubles with getting up from the bed that you are on the right place to find the great solution. A genius and innovative robotic alarm clock which will jump off a bedside table and run away from its tired owner. If you snooze you lose. Big sleepers have no choice except go after it to stop it emitting a high pitched alarm call.
The alarm clock was invented by a graduate student who had trouble getting out of bed in time for her lectures and only allows a single snooze before it sets off over the floor and has a tendency to end up underneath the bed if its owner is not quick enough. So watch the video and pictures below and meet “clocky” the evil robotic alarm clock. Enjoy!



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