Top 7 Tips For Photographing Great Headshots

There are some really nice tips for headshots that you need to take to heart so that you can make yourself or your clients look their best.  Headshots are used all over the world for everyone from a concert pianist to someone who runs their own business.  You even get headshots taken at pivotal moments in your life, and you should know how to make them look great.  You might find that you could create a professional headshot, or you could frame a much more informal headshot in a nice way.

  1. The Background

Headshot photography is made and broken by the background that you put in the picture.  You could have the standard black or white background, but you do not even need to go to a photo studio for that.  You could actual stand in front of a white or black wall.  Someone who is trying to make the background a little more enteral could go with some natural backgrounds that are blurry based on the focus of the camera so that the details in the back do not get in the way.

  1. Light

You must have light hitting the subjects face completely so that you do not have any odd shadows.  There are a lot of people who have problems with light because they are not using a flash or standing in very low light.  A flash is best, or you could use a studio where a big light helps make it look much nicer.

  1. Many Poses

You need to decide if you want to have the head and neck in the shot, just the head, or the head and shoulders.  You could have many poses done so that you can see which one you like the most.  Some poses have smiles, and some do not.  You have to try them both just to be sure.

  1. Formal or Informal Dress

You must formal and informal dress to get the best headshots.  Some people prefer formal dress, but other people will look much more comfortable in an informal outfit. Usually, formal clothing is recommended for law firm and attorney headshots.

  1. Makeup or No?

Makeup helps make the headshot last a long time, but you have to be sure that you do not do so much that it appears overdone.  You want your subjects to look as natural as possible when they get in front of the camera.

  1. Glasses

You have to take special care to make sure that flashes and objects do not appear in the glasses of anyone that you are photographing.  You might even go so far as to take out their lenses just for the shot.

  1. Move Quickly

You should move quickly to get as many shots in as you can.  You do not want anyone to stand for too long because it makes them look too stuck up and too stiff.  You never want to make people feel out of sorts because they stood too long for a picture.

Each of the pieces of advice you will find above help you make a headshot someone can be proud of.  Let them be comfortable, natural, and in an environment that looks nice.

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