Wonderful Thrift Store Upcycled Crafts That Will Make You Say Wow

Upcycled crafts can be so genuine and out of the ordinary. Have you recently visited a thrift store or a garage sale? If not yet, it’s a good idea to google for some nearby sales of this type and head to them immediately.

It’s pretty amazing that you can find some really amazing pieces that can fit in your decor in an outstanding way. Usually, they require minimal attention and some small and quick DIY activities. There will definitely be some that need bigger effort and they will obviously be cheaper than the other ones. Everything depends on your budget and the amount of money you are willing to spend.

The upcycled crafts below will assure you that the thrift store is definitely worth your time. I bet that you will even get excited about going there soon! Check out the DIY projects that will boost your inspiration and will help you improve your home decor thanks to some great sales!

Window Shutter Wall Art

Yes, someone may be selling their window shutters for a dollar or so. And if you are not sure how to upcycle them and reuse them in your decor, here’s one good idea that will amaze you. Get them and make a good bargain and then turn them into a wall art holder into your rustic home.

thrift store home decor

Upcycled Boat Bed

You can find damaged boats in a thrift store or garage sales. And if you thought that they can’t be used in any other way anymore, you are totally wrong. Get it and turn it into a bed in your kid’s room or the guest room. Everyone will love to sleep it in, believe me!

DIY thrift store crafts

Towel Rack

This broken board will be worth your money especially if you are trying to decorate your bathroom in the nautical style. Add some hooks and turn it into an attention-grabbing towel rack in no time. This craft will basically take you 2 minutes and you won’t have to spend a fortune on an expensive rack.

DIY upcycling crafts

Knives Holder

Do you want to add unique decorations in your kitchen? There are so many things that can be upcycled in knives holders, and the one that caught my attention the best are these vintage books which can be damaged it missing pages, but who cares? They will be so cheap that you’d hate not to get them!

upcycled decor

Thrift Store Coffee Table

Yes, an old table can just be repainted and painted with flowers to fit into a modern and contemporary living room decor!

theft store table

Picture Frames Into Headboard

Who would say that this headboard is made out of old picture frames? If you have just bought them, go ahead and make them shine once again, and incorporate them in your bedroom in this fabulous way!

DIY upcycled headboard

Thrift Store Table Into Bed End Table

Are you missing a bed end table in your living room or a bedside table in your bedroom? You can upcycle any other small table by just redecorating it and refreshing its look.

DIY upcycled table

Toolbox Into Book Storage

Are your kids’ books all around the home and you can’t seem to find a way to carry them around neatly? If you have just spotted a toolbox in the thrift store, grab it and take it home. For very little money you will get fabulous storage for books which will give you the possibility to carry them from one room to another with ease. Plus, they will be super organized and in place at once.

thrift store crafts ideas

Vintage TV Into Console Table

Don’t you just love this console table which is made out of an old and vintage TV? Carefully remove the TV and just repaint the wood. I believe that it will fit into your decor effortlessly well.

upcycling ideas

Pane Glass Window Into A  Huge Chalkboard Calendar

Is there a huge empty space on your wall above the sofa and you are not sure what to do with it? Get a pane glass window and turn it into a fantastic chalkboard calendar.

how to upcycle

Door To Entryway Table

Do you want your guests to be impressed as soon as they walk through your door? Upcycle an old door and turn it into a stunning entryway table by repainting it, adding a shelf and legs, and replacing the door knob.

things to upcycle

Door Into A Coffee Table

Have you ever thought such an old and “damaged” door can become such a beautiful coffee table? Don’t ever neglect the opportunities that can arise and use your imagination when going to the thrift store.

junk to treasure ideas


Have I got you into thinking about your next DIY project and upcycled crafts? Head to the thrift store and get some interesting old pieces of furniture that can be upcycled in some great ways. I bet that once your project is done, it will be the piece of furniture that will be in the center of attention and that will make everyone say wow.

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