Wood Chips: Used for an Organic Compost

When people think about the idea of composting, they are usually enthusiastic about the concept of it. It is something that many people want to start doing, but they find it difficult to actually get started. If this is your situation, don’t worry, this is a common problem! A good way to start is by slowing creating your own organic compost. Wood chips are a common material used in organic compost, and they are a good way for beginners to start compositing.


Organic Compost

What exactly is organic compost? This is compost that is made up entirely of organic materials, such as plant and vegetable waste. There are no synthetic chemicals or anything extra added to it. This can be the best type of compost because you are creating fertilizer that is totally natural and healthy for your plants to grow in. When you eat the vegetables that you grow, you will know that everything is completely organic, and you are not ingesting anything unnatural.

Benefits of Using Compost

Composting has many benefits, most of which will positively impact your garden. Using compost as fertilizer will result in the soil of your garden becoming more enriched, and retaining a higher amount of moisture. Another benefit in regards to the soil is that it strengthens the roots of plants, and gives them more protection against various diseases as well as pests. When compost is used as fertilizer, it helps to break down the bacteria that becomes a nutrient called humus. This nutrient is incredibly beneficial to your plants and will help them grow.

Wood Chips in Compost

Another material that you can use in your organic compost is wood chips. Wood chips are commonly used, and they actually provide a source of carbon to your compost bin. Wood chips will take longer than plant waste to break down. Once the wood chips have composted adequately, you can use them as a means to improve the soil for your growing plants. It is better to allow wood chips to break down as compost before you add them as fertilizer. If you add them to your garden first, the plants may start to suffer from a lack of nitrogen.

Where to Get Wood Chips?

Wood chips are really a diverse material. They could include bark or wood shavings from trees. The size will vary, as well as their overall appearance. Wood chips are easy to get a hold of, it is all about knowing where the best place to look is! Searching online can give you a lot of options, as many people are willing to get rid of their wood chips for free.

Benefits of Using Woods Chips in Compost

One reason that wood chips are good for use in organic compost is that they are able to decay on their own, with no human intervention. You do not need to periodically rotate or turn them, as you do for other composting materials. This is assuming that the level of moisture in the pile of compost remains the same throughout the process. Using wood chips as mulch for the garden is environmentally-friendly, as they are being recycled back into the earth. They are being put to use, instead of being thrown out in the garbage. The next benefits are that weeds are less likely to grow in your garden if you have used wood chips as a fertilizer. Weeds have a harder time breaking through the ground if they have been covered by a layer of wood chips.

Create Your Own Compost Bin

If you are interested in starting a compost bin and using wood chips yourself, you have the opportunity to! A DIY pallet compost bin is fairly simple to do, and you will gain a lot of value from it. The most difficult aspect of this project is obtaining the pallets needed for the bin. These can be found at most businesses or large grocery stores, and can sometimes be purchased from them. It is likely that the owner of the business will also have a good idea where you can find some pallets. Other than that, all you need are a few tools and a little bit of hard work! Don’t forget to leave room for airflow in your bin – you don’t want your compost to dry out too quickly!

The Bottom Line

Compositing does not have to be an unobtainable idea for you anymore! You have the ability to start your own organic composter. To start, try using wood chips in the compost, as they are a good option for garden fertilizer. They are easy to work with, so they are good for beginners. Once your garden starts to grow lush and beautiful with the help of your fertilizer, you will see all your hard work pay off!

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