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17 Hilarious But True Differences Between Men And Women

Men and women are the same? Actually we are all human but there are a few differences between. In the article below you could see some differences between men and women explained with really humorous pictures. When i sew all this i think how i did not think of that. Yes they are really noticeable. Just see the photos and you can see how women are a more complex than the men. Take a look below and see this funny true differences. Enjoy!


1 On packing:


2. On text messaging the opposite sex:


3. On going to the bathroom:


4. On getting ready for work:



5. On break ups:


6. On toilets:


7. On Facebook:


8. On getting a haircut:


9. On body image:


10.  On bed divisions:



11. On desktops:


12. On seeing another woman:


13. On video games:


14. On clothing:


15. On shampoos:


16. On getting ready:


17. On taking a shower:

18source   Collage Source: diply.com

  • Meri

    Peeing in the shower is f*ckin disgusting… and I’m a guy. Thank God I’ve never heard of anyone in my family or friends doing it, but if it’s such a strong stereotype, it must be true… again: DISGUSTING!

    • FDA


    • Mağara Adamı

      who tells he pee in the shower? lol

    • Agus Pernalementa

      Seriously, you said it’s disgusting? What’s wrong with pee in the shower whilst the waters pouring your whole body? Unless, you poo in the shower, then you can call it disgusting.

      • major master

        Probably he poos while dining..: p

    • major master

      How disgusting ! U even ask ur frnds and family whether do they pee while bathing.. So very disgusting to the coeet..yyewww..

    • david schwartz

      Urine is sterile due to the ammonia content. Sweat is more disgusting than urine and contains bacteria and possibly viruses.
      Urine is denser than water. Just aim for the drain. It isn’t like you will be standing in pee. By the time you are done soaping up, shampooing, and rinsing off, all the pee will be long gone.

    • Truth

      But being peed on while in the shower is WONDERFUL!

  • Mağara Adamı

    unfortunately they all are true, except 13. for me 🙂

  • MILF Man I Love Food

    I’m a girl and I do it. I teach my babies to do it too. What’s wrong with that? It helps save water and time.

  • Vijay Bahadur


  • Dany Bravo

    hahhaha!! Awesome. All are quite true.

  • quinzark

    #4 … women don’t go to the bathroom….

  • Reinaldo Subero

    the number five “breakups” is the the absolutely truth,but with the experiencies and years a man it’s no so stupid,the girls are really happy(i know because i’m broken a married in this moment of my life,right now…)and she doesn’t care anything and seems very happy in her world,at least i learn from other relationships that i had and recover my own life…

  • Richard K Macklin

    Lol so very accurate hahahaha

  • Is a funny way but reflects reality 🙂

  • True! Sadly but true! :))))

  • They all are true!

  • Chan Eling

    true (y)