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9 Before and After Photos That Will Silence Global Warming Deniers

My friend when i saw the photos and the article on usuncut.com i immediately get to my pc because i want to share this awesome and useful article with all of you. When you see the photos below with fully right to answer on anyone that doesn’t understand how important this climate change is : “If someone says the climate crisis is a hoax, show them this”


We want to raise awareness to all of you that climate crisis is becoming more apparent. As the ozone layer continues to evaporate and polar ice caps continue to melt, this causes erratic weather patterns and dramatic sea level rises. NASA is now saying that global sea levels could rise by as much as three feet in the next century. See how these photos explain the today’s reality of the climate changes compared with the past time.

The San Blas archipelago in Panama, 2002 and 2014


Arctic ice, 1980 and 2012


The Enterprise Bridge passes over a section of Lake Oroville in 2011 (left) and 2014 (right) in Oroville, California, which is experiencing “exceptional” drought.



Aral Sea, 1989 and 2014


Bleaching of the Great Barrief Reef, 2002 and 2014


1880s and 2005: Alaskan Muir Glacier and Inlet


1920 and 2008: Grinnell Glacier Overlook in Montana


1930s and 2005: Alaskan Pedersen Glacier


1926 and 2008: Grinnell Glacier in Montana


  • JoeCasepack

    Ice melts so we must enact carbon credit laws. There is nothing more government can’t fix.

  • pyrochlore

    Glaciers have been receeding for 40,000 years, and now it’s OUR fault. Bad science and definitely bad logic. Alarmists, give your head a shake.

    • elv

      yes but the last 20 years they retreated more than the previous 20000 years. I have been to Frans josef glacier in New zealand twice. in 2003 we can access on foot. but in 2013 you can take helicopter

      • cluefree

        So, because you’re a tourist and a guide told you so, it must be true?

        • elv

          Can you read? i have been there twice, once in 2003 and the other in 2013. It retreated so much completely change the landscape. what was once a glacier 10 years ago now turned into a valley. I don’t understand how people can just sit at home and believe global warming isn’t true. Go see with your own eyes.

          • James Nickel

            So you’re going to believe your lying eyes or cluefree?

    • James Nickel

      Do you believe in the green house effect? If you don’t then we don’t have a habitable plant.

      Why do they call it the “green house” effect? It’s because there is a set of certain types of gases … hold on to your seat …. called green house gases that keep heat from going out into free space. Without green house gases, the earth would be more like the moon. Great place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

      If you increase green houses gases, notably CO2, beyond what plants and trees can processs into oxygen what happens? Hmmmmm. Perhaps the green house effect will increase and will trap more heat into the atmosphere and earth. If more heat is trapped by the planet global temperatures, on average, might increase.

      Nah, probably not. That would be silly.

  • pappy51

    Simple google research shows these pictures are mostly BS. More religious left fodder.

  • Rickyv777

    Get with the program guys….even the government doesn’t call it global warming anymore. First, it was cooling…they warned us of an ice age approaching…then it was warming…now it’s leveled off and they call it climate change. We used to call it weather…but what do I know…

    • James Nickel

      Global warming is still good. Climate change is the result of global warming.

      The emphasis changed because there were morons that thought that global warming meant the temperature would rise evenly across the globe. Everything would be the same, except a couple of degrees warmer. Sadly, it didn’t occur to them that the same idiots would say they don’t even use “global warming” anymore.

      You’re in the group that if I told you the average height of Americans changed from 5-8 to 5-9 you would reply with … “Hogwash, my mother is 5-4 which proves your wrong.”

      There was never a scientific consensus or any government that bought into the climate was on a permanent cooling trend. Think of it like the handful of scientists paid by the carbon industry to produce reports that say there is no climate change.

      Not to worry 50 years from now conservatives will blame Al Gore for stopping conservatives from addressing Global Warming.

  • Timothy Law

    new land for growing population.