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These 11 Awesome Gadgets Prove That The Future is Now

Hey my friend i’m sure that you already feel like you leave in the feature when you see the everyday innovations that are really impressive.
Nowadays it is not wired to see driverless car , or to get your bear deliver by drone, e.t.c. e.t.c.
The smart innovations really leave me breathless when i noticed them i simply love them all and they can really change our lives and make it easier. Watch a few below and enjoy!


1.Glass door that changes opacity as it’s being locked/unlocked

md 1 source

2.Cheeseburger in a Can Reviewed

md 2 md 3 source

3. See what’s in your fridge without opening it

md 4 source


md 5 source


5.See ads interact with their surroundings

md 6 source

6.And lastly, this:

md 7 source

7. Have your beer delivered by a drone

md 8 source

8.Ride in a car that drives itself

md 9 source

9. Translate signs with an app

translate gifsource

10. Be entertained while waiting for your ice cream to soften

ice creamsource

11. Control your electronics with your gestures