10 Hilariously Dumb People Who Made Facebook Entertaining

We love facebook and it is so wonderful place where we share our favorite things. It allows us to stay in touch with our friends and see what they’re up to… or notice the silly mistakes they’re making on their pages. People feel it necessary to talk about how they feel what they do and what they will do and so on, all this in their facebook profiles and pages.
Those comments and those sharing sometimes could be so hilarious. There are a few examples below when i saw these photos really makes my day can’t stop laughing. Look below and enjoy!

Dating mistakes

1via reddit / mystikwaffles

The duckface

2via tumblr / lipoulpe

Getting hit on at a bar

3via reddit / NecronomiconUK

 English vs. human rights

4via reddit / Devils1993

Going for a run

5via reddit / Computer-Player

This aspiring rapper

6via reddit / ToxWatrs

Photoshop help?

7via reddit / Isai76

Haters gonna hate

8via tumblr / princesskaitrose

I wish I could read the comments on this one

9via Twitter / masonkennedy14

Giorgio handing out a little sass on his Facebook page

10via reddit / xTurtlex2595

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