12 People Who Had Only ONE JOB But Still Failed Brilliantly

There are a lot things around that could be branded “difficult” but usually mass produced products like some foods, toys … are build by machines that work with mechanical precision. But do you think that anything is made correctly always. Dear friends there are always spaces for some hilarious mistakes no matter if the machines or humans are involved.
However, you can see below the images that prive that, the below ‘you had one job’ fails are just so shocking and baffling! Most of the pictures below present manufacturer fails, some of them show how inattentive or tired workers fail to perform their duties right. Look and enjoy!

lb 1 - Copy source

lb 2 - Copy source

lb 3 - Copy source

lb 4 - Copy source

lb 5 - Copy source

lb 6 - Copy source lb 7 - Copy source lb 8 - Copy source lb 9 - Copy source lb 10 - Copy source lb 11 source lb 12 source

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