10 Essential, LIFE Hacks Why Didn’t I Think Of That, Everyone Should Know

Dear friends how many tips has happened to you when you see something to say omg how i didn’t think of that earlier. It happens so much time to me. So for making our life easier we have made one small collection of this kind of hacks i.e why i didn’t think of that hacks that you need to know right now.
We are sure that you will find all of those tips and suggestions useful and sure if so do not forget to tel us in the comment so that we will share more with you. Enjoy!

1.How to Clean Your Blinds in Under 30 Seconds

lm 1 source

2.How to put that Bracelet on with NO help!

lm 2 source

3.Catch those Paint Drips

lm 3 source

4.How To Make Wall Art Whenever You Want

lm 4 source

5.How To Hide Cords On A Wall Mounted TV

lm 5 source

6.A Simple DIY… Trash Bags on a Roll

lm 6 source

7.A Simple DIY for a Gardener

lm 7 source

8.Key and Wallet Cabinet

lm 8 source

9.How to Make a Heart Cupcake with NO Special Pan

lm 9 source

10.Less Mess with a Coffee Filter

lm 10 source

11.Dish/Drying Rack Organizer for the Kids

lm 12 source

12.Using the ends of your cabinets in a very useful way

lm 13 source

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