10 Incredible And Easy Cleaning Techniques For All Your Devices

Devices and technologies that are most frequently used on a daily basis, very often are the most susceptible to dust, dirt and bacteria. But also, mostly of them are small, or parts that are susceptible to dirt and dust are small and tiny, and not so easily accessible for cleaning. Knowing this problem that we all face, we encountered on everyday solutions that helped us to clean up even the unaccessible minor parts of the devices that we commonly use, and that’s, why we want to share with you.

So, if you want easily and effectively clean up the headset, speakers and the keyboard from dust and dirt, and to clear the screen of your phone, tablet or computer and having to use the things that you use every day, such as makeup brush, cotton buds for ears, alcohol, toothpaste etc. just look at the collection of super tricks and hacks for cleaning the devices and technologies.

1.A toothbrush safely dislodges dirt from speaker mesh.

cq-1 source

2. A cotton swab dipped in alcohol breaks down wax (ew) on the exterior.

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3.Tip: Turn your q-tip case into an earbud case to keep them from getting dirty while -loose- in your bag.

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4. An interdental brush is perfectly-sized for cleaning the headphone jack on any device.

cq-4 source

5. First, run a soft makeup brush in between the keys.

cq-6 source

6. Tape works surprising well also.

cq-7 source

7. Then use a swab dipped in alcohol to spot treat gunk around keys.

cq-8 source

8. A lint-roller lifts dust right off of speaker grill fabric.

cq-9 source

9. A small paintbrush clears up a phone or tablet’s built-in speaker really well.

cq-10 source

10. Use microfiber, the cloth that comes with glasses, for wiping down screens.

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