10 Items That Are Borderline Genius

My friend im so so so impressed with the present invention below. There are so many cool items invented in the last 2 decades that are borderline genius that makes our life easier and that are not so expensive.
It is really hard to choose the best but still we make one small list with the items that in your opinion are the most impressive and that you will love them. Check out below and enjoy!

1.Coffee Cup Charger

jd 1 source

2.Baby’s Hair Wash Hat Shampoo Shower Cap Color Random

jd 2 source

3.Solar Powered Window Socket

jd 3 source

4.USB Car Charger Cradle

jd 4 source

5.Broom Groomer Dustpan

jd 5 source

6.Carpet Alarm Clock

jd 6 source

7.Smartphone Keyboard

jd 7 source

8.Ciclotte Exercise Bike

jd 8 source

9.Minebea Cool Leaf USB Keyboard

jd 9 source


jd 10 source

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