10 Movie Mistakes That Will make You Laugh, You Never Expected From Their Directors

Dear friend are you like me are you watch movies with full attention and you never sleep during the movie? If so that probably you would like to see those images below. Have you ever noticed those funny and weird mistakes that movie makers do?
Even if you not believe that this has happened you must see carefully all those images because you know the editors are just humans and they can make mistakes too.
Take a look below and enjoy!

1. How this best film director can do that mistake?

ml 1 source

2.The Lord of the Rings has broken my heart with this mistake!

ml 2 source

3.How can iron invisibly move in the same scene?

ml 3 source

4.Where those broken windows are?

ml 4 source

5.Back to the Future

ml 5 source


ml 6 source


7.Two engines loss? A big loss!

ml 7 source

8.AHH!!! Matrix was my favorite!

ml 8 source

9.Now Jack should not have a hand technically!


10.Why did you do this Harry?

ml 10 source

11. Spider-Man 2 – Mask cleans itself


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