11 Funny Titanic Movie Mistakes That You Probably Didn’t Notice

Titanic: probably one of the best movies and the most watched in my time and Today, it still stands as one of Jame Cameron’s best films and arguably one of the best films ever. But what do you think is there some editors mistakes during you watched it. It really hard to notice this mistakes of you are not focused only to find those mistakes. And yes there are people who do this and we are sharing with you our favorite titanic movie mistakes that you probably did not notice. Enjoy!

1.Where is all this glass coming from?

mp 1 source

2.Where’s my stylist!

mp 2 source

3.This wouldn’t be a mistake if she had two

mp 3 source

4.Is this magic paper?

mp 4 source

5.I doubt he would have time to put it on while falling

mp 5 source

6.How many Titanics did they build?

mp 6 source

7.Where’s my glasses

mp 7 source

8.He probably felt they were cramping his style

mp 8 source

9.Wrong color AND length? They didn’t even try on this one

mp 9 source

10.Blame it on the CGI people.

mp 10 source

11.I hope that was a rubber axe!

mp 11 source

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