10 Photos That Prove Some People Are Too Clever For Their Own Good

The creativity and the will for fun sometimes can be spectacular. Below you are 10 super cool photos that of people who are too clever for their own good. These people are probably too smart for their jobs. Take a look below and enjoy!

1.And whoever wrote this news caption is too good for local broadcast!

tx 1 source

2.This car’s owner who has the license to crack wise

tx 2 source

3.Whoever wrote the puns on this furniture

tx 3 source

4.The person who wrote this road warning has better jokes than I do today…

tx 5 source

5.Maybe the best Facebook posts I’ve ever seen — be honest, you wanna try this, right?

tx 6 source

6.This tourist who knew that it was time to be clever…

tx 7 source

7. Probably the smartest answer possible, yet no credit given?! I call shenanigans on the teacher!

tx 8 source

8.The worker at this pizza shop who was sick of your “special requests”

tx 9 source

9.This girl who found maybe the only appropriate time to wear your underwear on the outside

tx 10 source

10.This kid who understands modern art, probably better than any of us!

tx 11 source

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