10 Super Amazing Office Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

For working smarter not harder there are some useful new innovative gadgets that will change your life. For a bit more fun, extra joy and making your working day amazing you should definitely try some of them.
I will say that these are the right things that i need right now. From coffee, to calendar and organizer, you can find a lot helpful gadgets. Enjoy!

The portable document and photo scanner

lf 1 source

Hand-warmers for a freezing cold office

lf 2 source

The calendar stamp

lf 3 source

A hammock for your feet

lf 4 source

A paper table

lf 5 source

The sticky note roll

lf 6 source

Flexible storage straps

lf 8 source

Post-it watches

lf 9 source

The portable cup warmer

lf 10 source

The whiteboard wall clock

lf 11 source

The desk organizer

lf 12 source

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