See The Inside Of The Fully Functioning Replica Of Original Titanic Set To Sail In 2018

I hope you have maybe heard that The Titanic will be reborn. Planned and designed by the Blue Star Line it will stick to the incredible detail of the original ship which sank in 1912.
Australian billionaire Clive Palmer is the investment owner of this project and has now set out on a £300 million mission to rebuild a fully functioning replica.
The plan is to launch an aesthetically identical Titanic II, equipped with the modern safety and navigational features.
Like the original the ship the replica will be 270-metre-long, 53-metre-high, and it will offer first, second, and third-class tickets. These images below could give you a detailed picture and the proof for similar of the replica with the original. there is also a interesting video with more details that could be seen at the end of the article.Take a look below and enjoy.

The grand staircase, in the first class section


The Cafe Parisienne

3source 4source

Titanic was one of the first ships to have a swimming pool.

5source 6source

First class dining room

7source 8source

First class rooms.

9source 10source

The bridge has been replicated but not for actual usage.

11source 12source 13source

 It will even have an edwardian style gym.


More picture showing the intricate details

15source 16source

If it sets sail Titanic II will being its jounrey in 2018 from eastern China to Dubai, instead of Southhampton to New York. There will 2,435 tickets up for grabs, and 900 crew members (slightly more than the titanic itself) with increased lifeboat capacity.

See also the video below for more details


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