10 Unbelievable Visual Effects From Movies And Shows. My Jaw Dropped By #9

As the technology is developing this way the movies are become more and more rich with awesome special effects that are truly impressive and so creative. The special effects on every move that we are watching are truly art.
We have made a list of 10 unbelievable visual effects from movies and shows around the world that really impressed us.
Did you agree with us are they incredibly amazing? Do not forget to share this with your friend if you love it. Enjoy!

1.The Walking Dead

eg 1 eg 2 source

2.Life of Pi

eg 3 source

3.Game Of Thrones

eg 4 eg 5 eg 6 eg 7 eg 8 source

4.The Wolf Of Wall Street

eg 9 source

5.The Great Gatsby

eg 10 source

6.Oz, the Great and Powerful

eg 11 source

7.The Avengers

eg 12 source


eg 13 source

9.The Dark Knight

eg 14 source

10.Alice In Wonderland

eg 15 eg 16 source  via boredpanda.com

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