11 Times People Followed The Instructions Closer Than A Fat Kid Follows The Ice Cream Truck

From always we have learned that we should always follow the instructions we should follow the rules e.t.c. But do we actually need to follow them way too literally? Dear friend there are the people that simple just follow the rules and no mater what will be the final result. Yes they maybe have followed the instructions little too much and the result are hilarious. They take the directions they were given and do exactly what they say.
Take a look below and enjoy. These photos really makes my day hope it will be the same with yours. Enjoy!

1.”Can you put some toilet paper on the shelf?”

tv 1 source

2.The whole message wouldn’t fit, so they picked the most important sentiment

tv 2 source

3.”Can I get extra pickles please?”

tv 3 source

4.”If they don’t give you a name, try your best”

tv 4 source

5.All bottles must be labeled

tv 5 source

6.”Can I get mayo on the top bun?”

tv 6 source

7.”You asked for lemon water”

tv 7 source

8.The boss gets what the boss wants

tv 8 source

9.”Just give me some layers”

tv 9 source

10.”You said ‘put them back in place’, not back in order”

tv 10 source

11.”Can you pick me up some tampons?”

tv 19 source

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