12 Cool and lovely DIY projects you need to make this summer

In every house or garage there are plenty of items that can be found lying unused, occupying space or waiting to be thrown away.   Many of them can’t be simply part of the garbage for some persons. There is great feeling that comes to that old stuffs or some kind of connection with those bits and pieces.  However, before you throw away or give some of those things to anybody look again is there any possibilities to place them back again in your place of leaving and introduce some old-newness in your room.  Whether  you are in a search for decoration, enjoyment or effectiveness, before you start with next cleaning of your home, look first at the awesome and incredible Do It Yourself projects waiting for you ,  that can be useful and very helpful in many situations when it come to word about transformation of old items into fantastic new creations. Not only that in the end you will have wonderful making by your own taste, but at the same time you will enjoy in building it.  Here are just a few cool and lovely DIY projects that you need to try to make this summer for sure.


1.Love is in the air

Lovely red string heart made on wood that will bring refreshments to your room decor

diy 1source

2. Visible collection of moments and memories

Unique collage of your old photos from friends or family that you can hang everywhere inside your home

diy 2source

3. Impressive planner

diy 3source

4.Typographical lamp

Put some graphics and letters,  or some favorite song lyrics on your old lamp and get new look on it.

diy 4source

5. Original hanger with books

diy 5source

6. Customized hand women watch

Easy and simple  change the way your watch is looking by using one of your favorite scarf such a wrist band.

diy 6source

7. Decorative styled boxes

Reuse the old shoe boxes in some new stylized and decorative items and add beautiful touch of color to your room.

diy 7source

8. Personalized chic letters

diy 8source

9. Cheap decorations for amazing wall

diy 9source

10. Sea inspired lamp

diy 10source

11. Melted record bow

diy 11source

12. Heart shape light holder

diy 12source

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