11 Unbelievable Pictures That Will Make You Question Everything You Know

We are people and we learn until we are alive. They teach us everything and there is always something new.
There are surprises around every corner, just below the surface, sometimes hidden in patterns we don’t pick up. The good news, though, is that there aren’t usually lives on the line.
So how many of these did you actually know, and how many did you just think you knew?

1.For most new cars, when your car fob’s battery dies you can still access an old-fashioned keyhole.

ft 1 source

2.Britain’s coins form a picture of the country’s coat of arms

ft 2 source

3.There’s also an easier way to keep track of your gas cap

ft 3 source

4.What all the deaths in George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” look like.

ft 4 source

5.How a key and lock work.

ft 5 source

6.How stores make such neat displays

ft 6 source

7.Some takeout boxes will unfold to make a plate.

ft 7 source

8.This Snapple cap fact

ft 8 source

9.Turn the lid of iced drink cups over to make a coaster

ft 9 source

10. The heads on Easter Island have full bodies buried beneath them.


11. Dogs drink water by forming a small cup with the backs of their tongues.


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