11 Simple Things We Do Wrong Everyday

Hey friends have you ever noticed that maybe you are doing some things wrong you whole life and that maybe there is some easier way somewhere how to do right. Most times, we are merely guilty of following and copying others, when the vast majority of these others are doing these random small things wrong, over and over again, as well. There are a lot of things we do almost every day that seem trivial, but we do them wrong and some even have a bad effect because of it. There are a lot of things in our life that take too much time, effort and nerves. That is why it is so important to keep unpleasant moments in your daily routine to a minimum. We present you one creative collection of some simple things we do wrong for years. You will be amazed from them!

For example, if you are a tea lover but use tea bags instead of the natural one, then you need to know one thing. If when you take out the bag you aim at it by pressing it with a spoon in the hope that the tea will be richer that way, you are totally mistaken. The right ways are simply not publicized enough! Until now, that is. Get ready to be amazed at just how wrong you have been getting small and inconsequential simple things, your entire life! Take a look below and enjoy!

1.Break ‘Toblerone’ chocolate bars up into manageable pieces with ease. Simply place your thumb at the top of one of the pieces and press towards the bar. It will just snap off!

fv 1 source

2.This is how you store that bag of leftover potato chips!

fv 2 source

3.Make the most out of ‘Dairy Queen To-Go’ lids by flipping them and placing your sundae inside to make a cup holder that protects your hands from freezing and saves your sundae from melting into a gooey mess!

fv 3 source

4.Save your counter getting messy and place your spoons like this!

fv 4 source

5.Want to save space in your kitchen drawers? Then fold up your plastic bags like so!

fv 5 source

6.Do you find bandaids on your finger or thumb often slide off? Well, the trick is to cut a triangle out of a square band aid, on either side, so the overall shape is like an hour glass. It will fit so much better!

fv 6 source

7.Own a keychain bottle opener? Did you know you can use the little slot on it to easily open cans, saving your nails?

fv 7 source

8.Soda cans are also straw holders, when you twist the tab!

fv 8 source

9.‘Oreos’ are made better for dipping when you use a fork!

fv 9 source

10.Are you wearing your earphones correctly?

fv 10 source

11.Yes, there is a way to shake out all those un-popped kernels from your popcorn bag! Once the bag is cool enough, simply make a small opening in the bottom of the bag. Then hold over a garbage can and shake gently. Magic!

fv 11 source

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