12 Modern Ways to wear baggy pants this summer

Something that is definitely rocking this summer and have made in recent times real and pretty big comeback are the popular palazzo or baggy wide legged pants. Loose, elegant, classy, chic, flowing pants that suit well on every super modern and fashionable girl and women. There is no blogs or all fashion websites without seeing fabulous blogger or celebrities wearing this trendy kind of pants in a glam, and many diverse styles and graceful outfits.  There should be no such a prejudice about wearing these baggy pants. They suit well on every women, all you need is to choose the right one perfect for your body line.  For those that are petite, more preferable and suitable are palazzo mid-waist in combination with heels. The tallest are the happiest and indeed luckily and any kind of these pants will suit ideal for sure. Not just the thing that is common trend this summer, but they are incredibly comfortable. When styled well and appropriate they can intend for all occasions.  Casual look, formal office look for work or business trip, or some special event, these pants could match to every circumstance. Here are 12 amazing and modern ways to wear baggy pants this summer season.


1.Styles  with a slouchy, wide-leg shape

pants 1source

2.Low-slung pants are back

pants 2source

3. Casual tank top

pants 3source

4. Printed style

pants 4source

5. Modern palazzo pants

pants 5source

6. Yellow summer  outfit

pants 6source

6. Office style

pants 7source

8.Wide leg trousers

pants 8source

9.Comfortable and Stylish White Look

pants 9source

10.Summer wear

pants 10source

11. Fashionable party look

pants 11source

12. Street style combos

pants 12source

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