She Keeps Pennies In A Water-Filled Bag On Her Porch. The Reason? I Wish I knew THis Before

Everything is fine in the summer i love this weather but somehow the most common boring problem for the most of us are flies. They are annoying and always can disturb us when we are trying to enjoy in our backyard.
Flies are dirty since they have a nasty habit of hanging out on rotten food, garbage, poop, and other waste. Gross. So the question is how to get them away.
They are some solutions but they are expensive  and also some of them can be dirty.
But there’s another way that’s much more passive and inexpensive, using items that you probably already have at home!

What you will need:
A clear plastic sandwich bag (you can get these at wal-mart or any other grocery store).
2 1/2 cups of water.
A bottle of lime juice.
2 teaspoons of salt.
Two or three paper clips
And some shiny pennies.

You will also need a bowl and a spoon.


Measure out 2.5 cups of water and mix it with some salt and lime juice. Pour the mixture into a Ziploc bag until it’s nearly full and add some pennies before sealing it. The mixture is used to help keep the pennies shiny.


Now hang the bag up in your yard using a paper clip. Bent the clip outward and slip it through the top of the bag then attach it to some string.

If you own a larger area you can just hang up a few more of this and you are done.

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