You Hate Cleaning The Toilet? This Awesome DIY Trick Makes It So Much Easier

Many times i have told you that probably one of the hardest things around the home is the time for cleaning and the cleaning process. So bored so heavy task that sometimes even can make you nervous.
Cleaning the toilet is absolutely hard and i m pretty sure that the most of you will do anything just to find some easy way to do this.
If you are reading this article than you have luck because you have just find one of the most useful tricks that will do all the cleaning job in toilet for you on the easiest way.
Just you need to mix a bunch of ingredients and let them dry in moulds, yes with this trick you can create some effective but very inexpensive toilet cleaning bombs! Just drop one in your toilet and watch the magic happen.

cleaning toilet
You will need:
1/2 cup of baking soda
1/2 cup of citric acid
essential oils
spray bottle with water (optional, to spray in essential oils)

Watch the video and see how to make this. Once you create it, just simply drop it in the toilet and watch the magic the mix will start bubbling and before you know it your toilet will be sparkly clean.


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